EGRESS WINDOWS from PELLA® of Baltimore

Egress windows are installed on your home’s basement level to allow light to rooms set underground. But, more importantly, the windows are large enough for the average person to exit through if an emergency arises. But these windows aren’t only important for safety. They add light to your typically dark basement, making it nicer to spend time in.

Pella Egress Windows

Like all Pella windows, many of our egress options are ENERGY STAR® certified, which may help lower your energy costs. Plus, these durable windows will help protect your home during extreme weather.

Energy Star Most Efficient 2015


Egress windows are bigger than typical basement windows. Contact your local building code experts and contractor to confirm that everyone knows your local building code requirements for egress windows.

Most of our replacement window product lines include egress replacement options that meet emergency requirements to provide you with peace of mind and added safety features. Visit your Baltimore showroom to learn more.

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